The homepage is dead! Long live the landing page.

The homepage is dead.

While going through a design project today, I came upon a strange realization that is completely at odds with my employer’s philosophy; The homepage, it would appear, has outlived its usefulness.

Nah, I’m serious. when was the last time you really, exhaustively, cared about a home page? You go there to try and find a piece of content, right? And more importantly, you don’t go there after typing in – nah, man. You just go to Google, type in “some stupid page on goats” and click link #3, because #1 sounds like bullshit and #2 looks like it was written by a shill who probably works for your IT department and has a master’s in who-the-fuck-knows from the University of Doesn’t Speak English Well.

That’s it. That’s where you go. you go where the email or the banner ad or the QR code takes you. But we still persist in putting together the ‘Home’ page, when we know that people want information super-duper quick. Why? Why do we do this?

I’ll tell you why, and it is… to paraphrase Al Gore and Michael Moore (gore did invent the internet, you know [Yes, I know he was full of shit{Are you fucking serious? You really think he invented the internet? Oh, do you also think that Covfefe is a real word, and only a select few people know what it means?}]) – it is an unfortunate truth. The problem here, skeeter, is that we, the coders, the programmers, the people who architected this whole information revolution, are getting old, stodgy and set in our ways. We build the same damn info hierarchies, we make the same site layouts with different CSS, we maybe use Angular instead of Node, but it’s all the same in the end. We still think about people entering in into their browser window, while we scoff at the trogs with their flip-phones. We are becoming them.

We are becoming what we fear the most; inflexible.

I say again; the home page is dead.

So, what are you gonna do about it?

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