Not sorry.

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So, this is where some writers say “sorry, I didn’t write for a couple of weeks” or whatever. In short, no, I’m not sorry. I didn’t write last weekend because I went to a License to Carry class, and I got lucky. I shot guns, got some, and then I had some BBQ like a […]

Real Talk

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Alright, y’all. Time to talk about some deep shit. Coffee, war, whiskey. Specifically – I love Black Rifle Coffee Company, but why the shit are almost all of their mugs right handed mugs?!? This may seem trivial. Believe me. It is not. I have spent many years in the frozen ass-end of nowhere, saving fuckholes and […]

Things going bang

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“That’s the test of an ale with me: whether it tastes as good afterwards as when it’s going down. Ballantine does.” -Ernest Hemingway But seriously, Ballantine is nowhere near the same beer as it once was. It’s megaconglomerate owned, and even though it’s reasonably tasty, it’s not… not great. Getting ahead of myself. I write […]